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Place Facebook Ads

This week we are going to discuss how to place Facebook ads the right way.

Facebook or any other social media platforms are a great place to find customers. Social media networks do a great job of determining the likes, interests, and wants of the people that are there. You can tap into this knowledge by placing ads on Facebook.

The one problem in the scenario is that you, as the advertiser has no control of the data on Facebook. It doesn’t give you the address, phone number, or email address of their users. This means that you have to continue paying Facebook every time you want to get your product or service in front of them.

Beyond this, let’s take a trip down memory lane. If you think back about 15 years ago, MySpace ruled the Internet as the social media site to be on. Nobody had heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Fast forward 15 years and MySpace is but a distant memory. Fact is, Mark Zuckerberg offered to sell Facebook to Rupert Murdoch when it was getting off the ground. Rupert Murdoch and declined. Facebook may look unstoppable today, but the fact is it could someday disappear.

Point is that you don’t know if Facebook will be here forever, or maybe they will one day decide to shut down and ban your account. If you had only relied on Facebook for your customers, and they turn off that spigot, your business will dry up.

Good online marketers know the workaround to this, and this is that when you place an ad, you’re only goal should be to get the contact information about your prospect.

Land Your Prospects

You must get around this challenge of not having any control of the information of your prospects. You also don’t want Facebook to be the decider if your business succeeds or fails. So, when you place Facebook ads, you must get the information for the prospects from them.

To do this, when you create an ad, your goal should be to get that prospect off the platform into your own world. You create a landing page that they will go to through the ads, and get their information for yourself.

When you do this, you can tap into the oldest and best way to market online, which is email marketing. Email marketing has been around since the dawn of the Internet and you can still do great at marketing using it.

Create a simple landing page that offers your prospects something of value for giving you their name and email address. Facebook does not like landing pages that are not attached to an actual website, so if you use a stand-alone landing page, they may shut down your ad.

When you setup your landing page, make sure that you have only information about your offer on your page. You don’t want any other distractions on the page so you can focus the visitors on only one thing, giving you their name and email address.

They must know that your offer is free and you should list four to five benefits that it gives them. You should also ask them for only their name and email address. If you ask for more information than that you can lose potential prospects because it becomes to much work.

Next, we’ll talk about how to actually place Facebook ads the right way…

Place Facebook Ads

Next, we’ll talk about how to place Facebook ads…

Facebook ads are comprised of three different levels to get the ad setup.

Level 1: Campaign – This is the top level where you set the overall objective of the ad.

Level 2: Adset – This is where you set the ads to your target niche

  • Demographics
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Likes
  • Behaviors

Level 3: Ad – This is how you put the ad you created that we talked about in the last blog (Create a Facebook Ad)

To start with, you want to go to the ads manager to start creating the ad. This is where you will create the campaign and name it whatever is relevant to your product or service.

Use “Conversion” for your objective because you are trying to convert people on your landing page. Understand Facebook knows the habits of people in your niche market. They will target those people most likely to click on your ad and go to your landing page.

You should put a Facebook pixel on your landing page. This allows Facebook to know what people do when the see and click your ad. It tracks their behavior and helps Facebook re-target better people in when you place your Facebook ad.

Under the key event you want to select “lead” because your goal is to generate leads. After this click on “Save to Draft”.

Adset Level

The adset level is where you define your target/niche market when you place Facebook ads.

Click on the campaign that you just setup. For the adset name put a description of your target, such as “Female 25-45 Los Angeles”. This would mean you are targeting for this adset women that are 25 to 45 years old in Los Angeles. For the conversion, you want to put “lead” again because you are trying to get leads (email addresses and names).

Next comes your budget, and for each adset you should see if it works to generate you leads. What this means is that you should spend $5.00 a day, and spend a total of $20.00 to $30.00. If you find after you spend this amount that you aren’t generating leads, stop the ads and tweak them.

One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook is on your side. Once you start an ad and let it run, Facebook will look at the activity from the ad. It will see who is clicking and who is not, and optimize your add to target more people that are like the ones that click through.

When you are placing Facebook ads, it allows you to really target your niche market. Start with what you currently know about your target market, such as location, age, gender, and language. With the detailed targeting on Facebook, you can pick out certain likes, interests, and behaviors of people.

Researching Your Niche

To do the next step, which is research, click the three bars in the upper left corner of the page and click on “Audience Insights”. This is a great tool to research your niche market and to find targeting options.

You can pull up a word or phrase that you think your target market will be interested in and see what other interests are prevalent in people with that interest.

For instance, if you are selling sunglasses, you might type in “beaches” or “golfing” and see what comes up. You will see the most popular interests associated with those phrases. These are keywords that you can use in your interests when creating the adset.

You also want to type in behaviors and do the same thing. You can type in what you did in interests and behaviors and see if there are any words that come up with the same popular words.

Once you have gathered your most popular words, then you can go back to the ad to start testing them. Type in a word and see where your potential audience falls. Keep adding or taking away words in behaviors and interests until you have a total of around 500,000 potential audience.

This will create a good pool of people to start with.

1-800 Postcards

Edit Placements

To be most effective at getting conversions, Ben Heath recommends that you go into the “Edit Placements” area. Uncheck everything in there other than “Facebook Feed”. All the other areas do not draw the attention of your ad like the feed.

One exception to this is if you are selling a highly visual product. If, for instance you are selling watches, jewelry, or even clothing, you can use Instagram. Instagram is a highly visual platform and if you have quality products with quality photos, you can put them here.

Once this part is ready, you can go on and place your ad. You should do some more research in the “Audience Insights”.  Find other word combinations to target and create ads for those combinations too.

Run a few different ones so that you can find the one that has the best return on investment for you. This means that you get the most sales for your dollars spent. Again, spend around $20.00 on each one to see how effective it is.

How to Use the Ad You Created

When we talked about creating your ad in the last blog post, it is now time to use it. When you are placing Facebook ads, this step is as important as the other steps. Set up the ad as a post on your page.

When you are done with the adset, you then pick the option to “Create From Post” and use the same post for all your adsets. As you use the post multiple times in different adsets, people will start liking, sharing, and commenting on that post.

This will ad social proof to your post when others see it and will increase the number of people that click on it and buy from you. Over time, the post will generate extra sales for you without having to spend money on ads for it. This doesn’t mean to stop your ads that are working. It means you will get extra sales and make more money as time goes on.


Selling ads on Facebook can be fun and make you money as long as you are placing Facebooks ads the right way.Try different adsets to see what works, and also create a few different ads to see what ad creates the most sales.

If you test and research, you can get great results with your products, digital products, or services.There are 80 million businesses advertising on Facebook, so it must be a great place to sell.

You can jump on that bandwagon and make a lot of money too.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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