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Facebook Advertising - McFall Research International, LLC
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Facebook Advertising

This week we’re going to unravel the secrets of being successful at Facebook advertising.

Facebook is the largest social media network on the Internet today. There are 80 million businesses advertising on the platform, and 1.5 billion Facebook users and it’s growing all the time.

So, this network is a goldmine to your home-based if you know how to advertise on it the right way. As with any advertising, you can spend a ton of money and get little results. On the other hand, you can spend a little money and get great results.

Even though you will need a little trial and error with your advertising and try different things, if you understand the basics and lay a great foundation, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run. Today I’m going to help you lay that foundation so you won’t go through the pain many people do.

How to be Successful at Facebook Advertising

This is something that I learned from a great guy named Ben Heath. He is a guru at Facebook advertising and has a wonderful YouTube channel. If you want more information beyond what I cover here, check out his channel and become a guru yourself.

Many people don’t know how to create Facebook ads and don’t understand what the purpose of advertising on Facebook is. Facebook and all other social media platforms own all the information of the people and users on their sites. Businesses that advertise on social media sites own none of it.

You can work very hard to build your brand on social media and maybe get a huge following on Facebook. Business is great because you have a massive following on your business page or group. You might be making a lot of money.

But what if something drastic happened?

What if Facebook suddenly decided it was time to shut down the site? It happened to MySpace 15 years ago.

What happens if someone hacks your Facebook account and you don’t have access to it?

Or maybe worse, what if Facebook got a wild hair up their ass and decided to shut down and ban your account forever?

In any of these scenarios, I would say goodbye to your business.

I have stressed many times to pick one platform to market and advertise on. What if this were your only one?

You would have to shutter your home-based business because all your work would be gone.

Protect Yourself From These Scenarios

How can you protect yourself from these three scenarios?

It’s actually quite simple.

No matter what product or service you sell on Facebook, your number one goal for spending any Facebook advertising dollars is to get the name and email address of the people interested in your stuff.

Once you have this information, Facebook no longer is the owner of the data of your prospects and customers. You now have total control on how you communicate to them.

The beauty of using this method is that after you pay for advertising that gets you someone’s name and email, you never have to pay to advertise to them again. From this point forward you can advertise completely free through email marketing and advertising.

Email marketing is still the gold standard in marketing today. It has been around from the beginning of the Internet 30 years ago. Almost 20 percent of emails are typically open in an email marketing campaign. Of those, about three to five percent are clicked through.

As a home-based or online business owner, these numbers are telling. If you know your open and click through rates, you know how many emails you must get. You’ll know what you need to sell enough of your products or services to make the money you want.

This is the power of having your own data and not borrowing the people from Facebook.

This form of advertising works whether you are trying to make sales, generate leads, or increase your brand awareness. I always stress you must have a website if you want people to trust your brand and buy from you. This system can work even if you don’t have a website address.

As I said, about 20 percent of emails are open, and you can use this to your advantage also.

Maybe the first thing you send to someone doesn’t interest them at all, they don’t open your email.

However; when you add a new product or service in your business, you send that to them. This is something they might be totally into. So, even though you didn’t sell them on the first product, you got them on the next.

The Lead Magnet

Next, I want to talk to you about a lead magnet that helps your Facebook advertising.

This is what you use to get the name and email address of the person. You take them off of Facebook and bring them into your world. The lead magnet is what entices them to give you their name and email address.

You must create a landing page, preferably from your own website that is where the magic happens.

People are bombarded with emails today and they are not going to willingly hand over their email address to you. You must give them a reason to.

Create something of value to them for absolutely free that gives them this reason to hand over their info. It must be related to your product or service. Something that goes along with the ad that they click on, which we are going to talk about next.

Create something that either teaches them or improves on what they are already doing.

Your Landing Page

Let’s talk specifically about the landing page now, and the components of it.

Sending traffic to your landing page through Facebook advertising, you are doing great if you are getting 40 percent conversion. That means out of all the people who clicked on your ad and gave you their information is 40 percent or better, you have a great ad and landing page.

In setting up your landing page you want to keep it simple.  The only thing on it should be information about your lead magnet and the form they fill out. You should put something bold at the top saying free download to reiterate it’s free.

Don’t ever create an add that people think is free then take them to a landing page that requires payment.

Add on the landing page three to four benefits from your free download to entice them to sign up.

Ben Heath says if you add an image to your landing page, your conversion will go up about 15 percent. Create a simple image for it like the one below from our landing page.

Free Home-based Business Course

Obviously, you need to create an opt in form for people to enter their name and email address. Don’t ask for more because the less work you make it, the more people will give it to you. The submit button should be a different color and bold compared to the rest of the stuff on your page.

You shouldn’t use the word “Submit” on the button, rather something like “Get Yours, “Download Now”, or something else.

Moving onto Facebook now

When doing your Facebook advertising, you should start your ad by asking a question, something directed to your target market. The purpose of this is to peak the interest of the target market.

If I were a social media marketing company, I might ask a question like, “Would you like to see a better return on investment for the money you spend on advertising?”

If I were selling a new flashlight, I might ask a question like, “Do you want the brightest flashlight with the widest range?”

You get the point.

The picture you use for your ad should be eye catching too.

In the headline you want to really grab people’s attention. You can do this by using a word like “FREE” or “20 Percent Discount”.

You also want to tell your audience exactly what your ad is about. In the description in your ad, your main goal is to peak the interest of the people seeing this.

Asking a poignant question is a great start, and make it something that your audience and target market cares about.

The last thing your ad should have is a strong call to action, give them a reason to click over to your landing page.


In summary, always remember that all the people on social media sites belongs to those sites. Facebook can giveth and Facebook can taketh away.

Don’t let them have that control of your information, get control of it for yourself. To do that though, you must have a target or niche market that you want to get.

You must have a compelling landing page to get them to give you their information. And you must have a compelling ad laid out to get them to your landing page. You can get a lot of email addresses if you use this formula. You can sell a lot of your products or services to make your home-based business successful.

Always remember that this whole thing is a numbers game.

Figure out how many people you have to get your ad in front of through Facebook advertising. Get the right number of people to your landing page, to get the right number of people giving their information. This will get the right number of people to get your free download, to get the right number of people to buy your product or service.

This may sound a bit redundant, but this is how the game works.

Also, make sure that you are always tweaking all of this to get the best results. Test different things to see what improves your numbers.

If you do all these things, your investment of time and money will be well worth it because you‘ll make a boat load of money.

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